Posted by: atri | May 8, 2012

Finals grades

I finished grading the phase III of the wiki entry and the proof reading. The scores have been uploaded to UBLearns.

Given your scores, here is how you can compute your letter grade:

  • Add up your three homework scores to get a number H out of a max of 80.
  • Add up your three wiki phase scores to get a number W out of a max of 100.
  • Your proof reading score P out of a max of 20.

Then combine the numbers above as follows

S= P+\frac{35}{80}\cdot H+\frac{45}{100}\cdot W.

Using the score S (out of a max of 100), you can determine your  letter grade as follows:

  • S\ge 79.5: A
  • 79.5 > S \ge 72: A-
  • 72> S \ge 68: B+
  • 68> S \ge 65: B
  • 65> S \ge 50: C
  • 50> S \ge 40: D
  • 40> S: F

(If you were involved in the cheating case then reduce your letter grade accordingly to obtain your final letter grade. If you were not involved in the cheating case, the above letter grade is your final letter grade. For a sanity check I have also uploaded your final letter grade to UBLearns.)

If you have any comments, please let me know by 5pm tomorrow (Wed, April 9). I’ll be in my office from 3-5pm in case you want to talk in person. Do not come to me to argue about the boundaries for the letter grades above: they had to be drawn somewhere. (To be clear the thresholds above were determined by curving on the total scores for the class.)

I had fun teaching this course: hope you had fun too! Have a great summer break!


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