Posted by: atri | April 17, 2012

Proof Reading Assignment

Below is the assignment for proof readings for the rest of the semester:

  • Wed, April 18: Sandeep, Sujith
  • Fri, April 20: Harinath, Kiran
  • Mon, April 23: Harish, Shravya
  • Wed, April 25: Ramakanth, Saicharan
  • Fri, April 27: Pradeep, Praveen
  • Mon, April 30: Raghunandan, Prasanth

The above assignments are individual ones, i.e. they’re not to be done in groups of two.

Further, the following students will proof read the following parts of the book that we will not cover in class. I’ll email the students once the chapter(s) are ready:

  • Guruswami-Sudan decoder: Hitesh, Shilpa
  • Folded RS codes: Jun, Madhura

Again the above are individual assignments.


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