Posted by: atri | April 16, 2012

More on your Wiki submission

First, a gentle reminder that your wiki entry is due by midnight, April 17. Below are some comments (mostly old but one new) that you guys have to follow:

  • Even though I had suggested for your editing ease that each group member make their own page, you as a team should have a combined page, which is what I will grade. Also email me the final link to your wiki entry (also by midnight tomorrow).
  • Make sure that your entry is in your own words (and style). Copying the contents of the book, other lecture notes or papers is not OK.
  • Remember that your page should be as self-contained as possible. Also every Wikipedia page is supposed to at least  have an introduction that is geared towards a general audience. Basically make sure you motivate why your entry is important and give it context: i.e. what is the importance of the result(s) you are talking about in coding theory etc.
  • Look at the original wiki page blog post for the rest of the rules (including the two figure rule).

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