Posted by: atri | March 18, 2012

The 2012 Wiki Megapost

Below are some points you should keep in mind while working on your Wikipedia page. (I’ll keep updating this page as I add more details.)

  1. Consult the syllabus for more details on rules/procedures etc.
  2. Here are the deadlines:
    • March 20: Wikipedia topic
    • March 27: One page report due
    • April 17: Deadline for in-house wiki
    • April 24: You’ll get back comments from me
    • April 30: Your entry should be uploaded to Wikipedia by this date
    • May 7: Take care of any (reasonable) comments on your Wikipedia page
  3. As soon as you decide on your topic, first email me and get my OK. Once you have the green light from me, mark your decision on the who’s doing what page on the in-house Wiki.
  4. Before you can update the Wiki page, log in to the wiki first (using your UBIT credentials) and then email me: I’ll need to give your contributor rights– after you are a contributor, you can create your page using “Create Content.” (Also your created pages will not be visible on the front page by default– I’ll need to do the move.) Also remember to check the Math Wiki option in the input format option when you are creating your page. It might take you some time to get the hang of the wiki format etc., so please work on it well before the April 17 deadline.
  5. Take a look at the entries from previous years (a local copy resides on the in-house wiki) to get a feel for what is expected for one person. The total content for your group should be suitably scaled by your group size. Note: this year I’ll be more strict about making sure that your entry is accessible to a general audience.
  6. Any topic related to coding theory works: just make sure that either a stub exists on Wikipedia or your new page can be linked off from existing Wikipedia page(s). Here’s the information I need in your report
    • Link to a stub for the Wikiepdia page that you plan to expand on (if there is no existing page, then state that).
    • All the existing Wikipedia pages in which you will place a link to your new page.
    • The major Wikipedia pages to which your page will link to.
    • An outline of your post: basically list  all the major sections and a breakup of which part is going to be written by which group member.


  1. Does any one know how to make sure text wraps, in other words, why all text is in one line and not taking end of line like in editor when I view.
    Do I have to do anything for that?

    • Hi Maulik(?),

      I’m assuming the above is not still a problem?


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