Posted by: atri | February 24, 2012

Homework 2

HW 2 has been posted. It is due Monday, Mar 5. This one is longer and harder than the first one, so please start early.

Also read the instructions carefully again: there are a couple of new ones this time around.



  1. Regarding 1-c and 1-d if I prove 1-c I am done with 1-d as well.Or do you expect any thing different when you specify in 1-d that the code is linear?

  2. Hi Harinath,

    Just the statement 1(c) does *not* imply statement 1(d). I won’t say more than this as it might the solution away.


  3. In the second question, even though its not explicitly mentioned I think its obvious that each message is mapped to a distinct code word. Right?

    • HI Sandeep,

      Yes, if the distance is at least one, then all the messages are mapped to distinct codewords. (This is a useful trick that we have used a couple of times in class– including today!)

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