Posted by: atri | April 25, 2011

Wikipedia- Phase I

(Update:) I had mis-stated the May 1 deadline as April 26. Make sure your in-house entry is ready to shipped off to Wikipedia by May 1. If you’re done earlier, please do let me know.

I have graded your in-house entries. I’ll be handing printouts with my comments at end of the lecture today. Here are the stats (out of a max of 60):

  • Mean: 52
  • Median: 51.25

You have till April 26 May 1 to implement my comments and improve your articles to make them more suitable for Wikipedia. Here are some general comments that are valid for all of you (for specific comments see your graded entries):

  1. Please look at this “perfect Wikipedia article” to get a sense for where you can improve on your article. I have tried to give comments on this but that might not be enough. Read the article carefully and implement as many suggestion as possible.
  2. Among other things here are some suggestion related to the above point
    • Do not assume that the reader is all that familiar with coding theory. In particular, if you are using any term or notation, either define it (or even better) link to the relevant Wikipedia article (if it exists). I tried to point out some of these individually for you but I could have easily missed some.
    • It might make sense to have theorem/claim/lemma statements to be section of their own and their proofs as subsections. Also if you article is long, consider having a table of contents
  3. Again a reminder: do not upload your entry to Wikipedia until I explicitly ask you to do so. Your article at 11:59:59pm on April 26 May 1 should be the version you are comfortable with uploading to Wikipedia.

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