Posted by: atri | February 18, 2010

Makeup lectures

As I mentioned in class yesterday, March 1 class is canceled. This means we need to makeup two lectures. Please let me know (by email or via the comments section for this post), what times from 10-5 during the week you cannot make it. Hopefully there will be a time that works for everyone. Also let me know if you would prefer to have two lectures of an hour each or one lecture worth 2 hours. (Also if there are particular dates that do not work for you, let me know.)



  1. Monday -> 1100-1500, 1600-1720
    Tuesday -> 1400-1720

    • Wednesday -> 1100-1300, 1600-1720
      Thursday -> 1400-1720
      Friday -> 1100-1300

      • Thanks Devanshu.

  2. Monday and Wednesday – 1100-1150, 1600-2000
    Tuesday and Thursday – 930-1050
    Friday – 1100 to 1150

  3. Tuesday and Thursday – 1000-1050 1100-1150
    Friday 1100-1150

    • Kushal and Shujie: Thanks!

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