Posted by: atri | February 17, 2010

Homework 2 is out

Homework 2 has been posted. It is due the Friday of next week (i.e. Feb 26). Please read the instructions carefully— in particular please start early on this homework.



  1. Hello Professor..
    I was working on the 3rd problem in the homework and with the b-part when we write things in terms of the first row and the first column, can we just write it as follows:
    a(i, j) = a(i-1, j-1). And thus recursively we will actually have this going back to the elements in the first row and the first column. Is that allowed?

    • Devanshu,

      I am not sure I understand your question. Are you saying that you can define a Toeplitz matrix recursively? (Sure you can do that.)

  2. Yes.. I think that answers my question..? I can ask you in class tomorrow I guess.. that will make things clearer.

  3. I just noticed this on question 3 part (d) that it says “it can be constructed in time 2^O(k+n).” Should this be q^O(k+n) since the code is [n,k]_q?

    • oops, you’re right.The homework has been fixed. Thanks for catching this!

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