Posted by: atri | February 14, 2010

Graded HW1

I finished grading HW 1 submissions and I will be handing them back to you in class tomorrow. The mean and median scores were 12 and 12.75 respectively (out of a total of 15).

Most of you followed the instructions but some of you did not (e.g. on the page limits). I deducted very modest amount of points for going over the page limit but please make sure that you follow all the instructions for the future homeworks (or you will  lose more points next time). My main motivation for page limits is  to cut down on my grading effort. However, it is good to  have the ability  to express what you need to say succinctly. Getting into the habit of keeping the page limit will be useful when you submit research papers, where it is not uncommon for papers to rejected outright for not meeting the page limits (and other formatting requirements)– as an example, see  this story.

BTW as a piece of warning, the next homework is going to be longer and harder than the current one. I’ll  post HW2 sometime on Wednesday (and it will be due Friday the week after) so that you guys will have more time. If you did not do so for this homework, I strongly urge you start the next homework early.



  1. So now I know why they always told me to be very careful about formatting specs when I was a TA for Technical Communication. Also, it is so frustrating that a perfectly sound paper would get rejected for something like block lengths!

    • yeah, it is frustrating but one is always better off sticking to the rules (even though sometimes they can be pretty moronic).

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