Posted by: atri | February 4, 2010

Lecture 9: Dual of a linear code

In yesterday’s lecture, we saw the formal definition of a family of code, three decoding algorithms for the Hamming code and started off with the dual codes. The material is form Lecture 7 from Fall 2007.

Next lecture, we will start by showing that Hadamard code of block length n has distance n/2 and then we will start with an application: group testing. Turns out that the its wikipedia page is bare bones: so this could be one possibility for your Wikipedia project.

Also the order of proof readers is now fixed: Andrew, Devanshu, Kushal, Shujie, Xinglei, Utkarsh, Jiun-Jie and Sarah. From now on we will follows this order in round-robin fashion (of course the lectures that are new and need to be scribed will not have proof reading.)


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