Posted by: atri | January 13, 2010

Notes proof reading

Just wanted to clarify few things about the proof reading part of the course:

  • I’ll ask for volunteers at the beginning of first 7/8 lectures unless someone volunteers by email first (which is definitely welcome). Once everyone has done the proof reading once we will cycle through the order for the rest of the semester.
  • The email with list of typos etc. is due the noon before the next lecture. E.g., the email for today’s lecture  is due by noon of next Wednesday. However, the email for next Wednesday’s lecture  is due by noon of Friday next week.
  • Andrew volunteered for today’s notes and Devanshu has already volunteered for next Wednesday’s lecture.
  • When you report a typo, please also mention its location (i.e. page number, paragraph number and line number).

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