Posted by: atri | April 28, 2009

Presentation schedule + lunch

First, I’d like to take you out for lunch. The choices are noon-12:50 on either Thursday, May 7 or Friday, May 8. Unfortunately, I can only do noon-12:50 on Friday, May 8. Please use the comments section to let me know if you can make it.

Below is the schedule for the presentations:

  • Thursday, May 7
  1. 1:00-1:50pm: JD
  2. 2:00-2:50pm: Jeff
  3. 3:00-3:50pm: Swapnoneel
  • Friday, May 8
  1. 1:00-1:50pm: Steve
  2. 2:00-2:50pm: Willmert
  3. 3:00-3:50pm: Krishna

Hopefully, I did not mess up your preferences above. If your slot does not work for you, please use the comments section to let us know.

(Update 5/7): Just confirming that the talks on Friday will also be in Bell 242. Also we’ll meet at the Indian place at noon tomorrow for lunch.



  1. I am fine with the schedule and thanks very much about the lunch. Anyday is fine with me.

  2. I’m fine with both the schedule and lunch. Sounds good.

    However, do we have any further information about what is expected in the presentations? There might have been an earlier blog post, but it doesn’t ring a bell…

  3. JD,

    The post on presentation guidelines is the top post on the blog (I’ll keep it sticky till the presentations are done). I’m pretty sure you read the post as you had commented on it before.

    The first 20 odd points are general guidelines and the last set of 7 odd points are specific to what I expect in your presentations.

  4. This works fine for me.

  5. lunch good, schedule good.

  6. The presentation schedule looks good…
    The conference room looks good…

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