Posted by: atri | March 16, 2009

Wikipedia entries

I have started an entry on the in house wiki  that lists the topics that have been chosen. Once you choose your topic,  feel free to edit the entry to mark your choice (also send me email to let me know of your choice).

Some thoughts/comments on your Wikipedia entry:

  1. In a previous post, I mentioned you could pick the topic of your paper presentation for your Wikipedia entry. Another option would be to a lecture topic that is not present and/or not well fleshed-out.
  2. The level of detail should correspond a polished scribed lecture notes. (In particular, I do expect to see proofs.) The total amount should be worth around 2-3 lecture notes.
  3. Steve raised an interesting point about moderating/ownership of entries once they go on to Wikipedia. If you are interested in doing so for your entry, please let me know. Otherwise, I plan to keep an on-and-off watch for the near future.

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