Posted by: atri | February 10, 2009

Deadlines in March

The first (and perhaps the only) homework will be out on March 2 and will be due on March 23 at the beginning of class. I normally give two weeks for the homework but  the spring break came in between so  in some sense you get three weeks. The deadline will be strict and there will be no extensions, so please plan ahead if you have to.  (The reason for the hard deadline is because of a UB policy that needs me to hand back a substantial graded assignment by the drop date which is March 27– I’ll need a few days to complete the grading.)

Also a gentle reminder that March 23 is also the deadline for you to let me know which Wikipedia page you’ll be working on. A one page “report” is due a week later on March 30. The final entry is due by April 20.



  1. Hi Atri,
    What about the paper presentation? When do we need to present them?


  2. They’re supposed to be on the reading days. I had meant to double check the times with you guys, so it looks like a good time for that blog post. Thanks for asking the question.

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