Posted by: atri | October 31, 2007

NO class on Friday, Nov. 2

I forgot to mention in class today that we will not be meeting on Friday because of the Western New York Theory Day. I encourage you to attend the talks (if they are of interest to you)– the talks are going to be at UB (see the link for more details). Thanks to Nathan for asking about this.

As a reminder, we are going to have make-up lectures next Tuesday.



  1. Hi,

    Is it possible to shift the make-up lecture to Wednesday or any other day.


  2. well, we had fixed this date a month or so back. What do you have on Tuesday?

  3. Hi,

    Sorry I didn’t check the post.
    I have an exam 3:30.
    But if nothing works out then its fine.


  4. Well, this is kind of late to change it at the last moment. Also since the exam time does not clash with the class time, I do not want to ask everyone else to change their schedules. Sorry about that.

  5. Hi,

    Not a problem.
    Thanks for your time.

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