Posted by: atri | October 7, 2007

Homework is now online

The homework has been posted. I will hand out hard copies in class on Monday, Oct 8. It is due three weeks from now: Monday Oct 29 in class. See the homework for more details on homework policy etc. I encourage you to start thinking about the problems early.

Please note that there will be no extension on the due date as I have to grade the homeworks in early November so that I can return some graded work to you before the resign date (as per UB rules).

If you have any questions on the homework, please use the comments section for this blog post.

Update (Oct 9) The deadline is now extended to Wednesday October 31. Please note that there will be no further extensions on this date (as is this change leaves me even less time to grade the homeworks). The due date is now changed on the online version linked above.



  1. Hi Dr. Rudra,

    I was wondering if you can break up the HW in two parts. One due in Oct. as per UB regulations
    and next part sometime in Nov.
    Also you can add more problems on the second part from the latter half of the course.

    This request is totally self motivated, as I have many things due at the end of this month and early Nov. and also my qualifier is around that time.


  2. Hi Sandipan,

    I am sorry but I do not want to divide up the homework into two parts. Having another homework in the later part of the course will increase the course burden during that time for everyone else– with the final project looming and some more lecture notes scribing to be done, I think you guys are going to be busy in November.

    I can see that this might get a bit tight for you, so I am extending the deadline by a couple of days to Wednesday, October 31.

    I think the homework looks scarier than it is. Note that you *are* allowed to collaborate. So I would suggest starting soon and trying to solve the homework in chunks.

    Hope this helps.

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