Posted by: atri | October 4, 2007

Comments on Feedback

First of all, thanks to everyone who filled in the feedback form on Tuesday. The response was mostly positive so looks like things are going OK. Here are my responses to a few points that were raised by some of you:

  • You can use a front end program for LaTeX (that is, you need not type it manually in a text file) to scribe the nores. The only thing I need from you at the end is a TeX file: I don’t care if you wrote it manually or you used some editor. Unfortunately, I do not have any personal experience with LaTeX editors but I have heard that some people use LyX.
  • Someone asked if while scribing they are supposed to fill in some details that I might leave out in the lecture. The answer in general is yes. Typically, I might leave out a line or two of calculations in the interest of time, which I expect you to fill in when you are scribing the notes. Hopefully, this will not be a common event. Of course, if you have some doubts as to whether you need to fill in something for a specific lecture or if you need help in filling in some details, feel free to ask me.

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