Posted by: atri | September 26, 2007

The projects meta-post

This entry will have all the links to entries related to the project (so that you do not have to go looking for them individually). Also whenever someone takes up a project their name will appear along with the project title. This would mean that the project is no longer “available.”

Here is the first post with all the details on the deadlines as well as what is expected of you. For a quick primer on list decoding and linear programming, look at this entry.

Here is a list of blog posts on the project topics:

  1. Algebraic Geometric Codes
  2. Fast Decoding of Reed-Solomon Codes
    • This project is taken by Yang
  3. Decoding in Presence of Side Information
  4. Codeword Testing
  5. Extractors and Codes
  6. Linear Programming Bounds on Codes
  7. Deletion Channels
    • This is taken by Kanke.
  8. Arbitrary Varying Channel
  9. LP Decoding
    • Than is doing this project.
  10. Soft-Decision Decoding
    • Sandipan is doing this project.
  11. Private Information Retrieval Schemes and Locally Decodable Codes
  12. Broadcast Channels
  13. Codes in Hardness Amplification
  14. Complexity Issues in Coding Theory
    • Nathan is doing this project.

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