Posted by: atri | September 19, 2007

Project 10: Soft-decision decoding

Under Soft-decision decoding (or decoding with soft information), the decoder has as its input a probability distribution on possible received symbols for every position (as opposed to a single symbol per position, which is what we are going to assume for most of the course). Such information is available in situations where for example, discrete symbols are transmitted as an analog signal and the received analog signal needs to be “quantized” to get back a discrete symbol. Now this quantization process instead of returning a single symbol can return a set of symbols with a corresponding reliability score (which is known as soft information).

Take a look at the paper by Koetter and Vardy titled Algebraic soft-decision decoding of Reed-Solomon codes (IEEE IT. 03) as a starting point. For more information, take a look at papers that cite the Koetter-Vardy paper and/or search google.


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