Posted by: atri | September 17, 2007

Notes for lecture 4 is now online

The notes for lecture 4 has now been uploaded. Thanks to Kanke for scribing the notes.

Some general future “guidelines” for scribing notes:

  • I will send you the final TeX file of the notes that you scribed. Use the file as a reference for future scribings. In particular, if this was your first time using LaTeX, make note of the different formatting environment/macros used. Future scribed notes should be similar (in formatting, detail in proofs etc.) to the version of your first scribed notes posted on the course webpage.
  • If you are using some notation that has been introduced in an earlier lecture, please make sure that you follow the earlier notation/convention. This will result in a uniformity in the lecture notes.
  • I will try to be consistent in my notation and thorough in my proofs during my lectures. However, sometimes I might be inconsistent in my notation and/or skip some steps in proofs. While scribing, please make sure that you do not repeat my mistakes.

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