Posted by: atri | August 29, 2007

Project 3: Decoding in presence of side information

(The project number in the entries about the project topics will follow the numbering  in this list)

As was mentioned in the lecture today, in this course we will only consider the situation when the decoder does not have any access to side information. In particular, the only thing it knows about the transmitted message is that one of the valid codeword was transmitted over the channel. However, in some scenarios this might be too stringent a condition and the decoder might have access to come extra information, for example via an alternate channel. Your task is to review literature that tackles this “non-standard” scenario.

The good starting point is the paper by Mike Langberg titled Private codes or Succinct random codes that are (almost) perfect (FOCS04). However, note that the paper uses the notion of list decoding which we will get to only in the later half of the course. To look at this topic from another perspective, study the paper by Ziv Bar-Yossef, Yitzhak Birk, T. S. Jayram and Tomer Kol titled Index Coding with Side Information (FOCS06). The latter paper is also connected to broadcast channels which is another suggested project topic.

As I mentioned earlier, these papers are just starting points. You should look at previous papers in this topic (look at the reference list for example) as well as any follow-up work (by searching sites like google scholar). Also this is a suggested topic. If in the course of your review you find a realted topic that interests you more, you should go for it (get my approval though).


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