Posted by: atri | August 26, 2007


A list of suggested topics for projects has been posted.

I will have separate posts on each topic with a brief description along with a few pointers. The first post will appear in a couple of weeks (hopefully by then we will be done with some of the basics of codes) . You are welcome to suggest your own topic as long as you run it by me and get my approval. As a reminder here are the milestones for the project:

  • September 21. This is the date by which I will post the last entry on the project topics.
  • October 19. This is the date by which you should have picked your project title and submitted a page-long “proposal” giving a brief description of the project and a list of the major papers that you are going to survey.
  • December 10. You need to submit your report by this date. This is a hard deadline and there will be no extensions.

Here are some general comments on the project.

  • The suggested topics will need varying amounts of work to pin down a concrete project. For some of the topics, you might have to do more background reading. So I advise you to start thinking about your projects early and not leave it to just before the deadline. Of course I will be more than happy to talk to you and help you through this process.
  • I will post a few key papers for each suggested topic as a starting point. You are expected to study the key research articles in the area (and not just surveys). A good place to look for the key papers is the reference lists in the papers that I will list in my blog entries. Be aware that there might be important papers that might have been published after the ones I mention.
  • Your report should be a balance between early results that establish the area, major results and the state of the art.
  • Most importantly, have fun. During the project you will learn new exciting things in coding theory outside of what we cover in class.

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